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Audio Receivers


Audio Receiver with MIXTRAX, Bluetooth for Hands-Free Calling/ Wireless Audio, Dual USB Ports, USB Direct Control for iPod/iPhone, and Flap Face

Specialized Audio Parts

Our engineers perform listening tests with expert care to incorporate specially designed parts that make for superiour audio quality.   

Separated Color

Separated Color Customization lets the user match their receiver to their illumination to their interior lighting. Color of key illumination and siplay can be selected separately.       

Music Browser

Pioneer\'s built in Music Browser function automatically lists tunes alphabetically, using audio file tag information, by Artist, Album, Song, or Genre. New alphabetical search makes it especially quick and convenient to get what you want to hear from a big archive of tunes.       


MIXTRAX software automatically analyzes a track's BPM, bar, beat position, vocal position and mood, then adds the analyzed data to the music file. Pioneer applied its uinique expertise to keep car entertainment flowing smoothly without interuption, so you can experience the intimate euphoria of listening to music that sounds as if a club dj is there playing it.  http://www.mixtrax-global.com/


Versatile iPod command via Digital USB Connection.

Full Dot LCD

The Full Dot LCD Display allows you to scroll through your iPod with greater ease, displaying up to three lines in list mode.   

Flap Face

LCD display features Flap Face with sleek , elegant design.   

Dual USB

More connectivity adds more convenience and utilities. For example, you can listen to music from a USB device while charging your smartphone.

Detachable Face Security

You can remove the face panel to deter theft.


Bluetooth wireless technology allows hands-free calling. Enjoy wireless audio control and streaming.